Year 2018, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 53 - 68 2018-12-29

Sesame Oil Has Gastroprotective And Anti-Oxidative Properties: An Experimental Study In Rats With Indomethacin-Induced Gastric Ulcers

Nurulhünda Hancı [1] , Fehmi Odabasoglu [2] , Fadime Atalay Dumlu [3] , Ozlem Aydın Berktaş [4] , Zerrin Kutlu [5] , Mesut Halici [6] , Zekai Halici [7]

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Sesame oil (SO) is a component of the traditional health food in India as well as in oriental countries and has long been thought to possess the ability to prevent various diseases. We examined the protective effects of sesame oil against acute gastric mucosal damage induced in rats by nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug indomethacin (IND). We also intended to determine the relation between antiulcer effect of SO and its antioxidant properties by biochemical evaluation. In this study a total of 5 rat groups were used for ulcer experiment. Antiulcer effects of SO have been investigated on 24 hour fasted 5 rat groups with indomethacine (IND)-induced ulcer model in the presence of positive (Famotidine, FAM), negative (untreated IND group) and intact control groups. In ulcer experiments, two doses of SO exerted significant anti-ulcerogenic effects. In gastric tissues, sesame oil administration decreased the level of LPO and activities of CAT, GR, MPO which were increased after IND application. Furthermore, SO increased the level of GSH which decreased in ulcerous stomach tissues when compared to healthy rat group. We determined that SO has anti-ulcerative effect and this effect are related to antioxidative properties of sesame oil.

Sesame oil, Indomethacin, Gastroprotective effect, Myeloperoxidase, Vegetable oil
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Author: Nurulhünda Hancı
Country: Turkey

Author: Fehmi Odabasoglu (Primary Author)

Author: Fadime Atalay Dumlu
Country: Turkey

Author: Ozlem Aydın Berktaş
Country: Turkey

Author: Zerrin Kutlu
Country: Turkey

Author: Mesut Halici
Country: Turkey

Author: Zekai Halici
Country: Turkey

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