e-ISSN: 2602-3563
Founded: 2017
Period: Biannually
Publisher: Istanbul University
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3 Mart 2022 itibariyle yalnızca İngilizce dilinde yazılmış çalışmalar kabul edilecektir.


Dear Researchers,

Acta INFOLOGICA (ACIN) is started its publication life in June 2017 as a refereed journal under under the management of the Informatics Department of the Istanbul University. ACIN aims to contribute to the progress of researchers and interested people who are interested in field of informatics and interdisciplinary, based on the concepts of data-information-knowledge, Information and Communication technologies and applications.

ACIN is published twice a year in June and December. In order to ensure that the scientific content is published correctly and appropriately, all studies are evaluated by at least two referees. In the evaluation process, blind review method is applied. At the end of the evaluation process, the articles which are deemed appropriate for publishing are taken into publication order and informed to the paper owner. The language of article suggestions may be Turkish or English. All work submitted for evaluation must be prepared in accordance with the ethical principles of scientific publishing and at the same time another journal, congress, conference etc. place should not be in the process of evaluation.

The study areas of our journal are listed below. All studies in these areas or in fields considered to be related to these areas are covered by our journal.

2022 - Volume: 6 Issue: 1

Research Article

1. An Empirical Study on Strategic Alignment of Enterprise Systems

Research Article

3. Mathematical Modeling and Optimization of Supply Chain for Bioethanol

Research Article

How Does Trusting Belief Affect Service Robot Adoption in Hotels as an Antecedent of Affective Reaction?

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