The Afro Eurasian Studies has been established in the summer of 2011 to offer a respected peer-reviewed outlet for scholarly research in social and administrative sciences, which would shed light on the history and the current state of economic, political, and social dynamics of Africa, Europe, and Asia. The journal welcomes original manuscripts in English on a range of subject matters including economics, finance, management, political science, public policy, and international relations with a particular focus on the Afro Eurasian region.    

Note: Afro Eurasian Studies Journal has been publishing 2 issues a year since 2019.

The Journal of Afro-Eurasian Studies had to take a break from its publication life from 2019 to the beginning of 2022 due to the negative impact of Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19). But since 2022, it continues its broadcasting life from where it left off.

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