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Year 2017, Volume: 6 Issue: 1-2, 3 - 8, 01.06.2017


The Impact of G20 On Turkish Foreign Trade

Year 2017, Volume: 6 Issue: 1-2, 3 - 8, 01.06.2017


Turkey accepted to become a member of international economic

associations to have an important share in World trade, to increase

foreign trade revenues and to export their products to developed

countries. Becoming a member of economic associations started

with IMF and World Bank in 1947 and it goes on with Orga-

nization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD),

Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Economic Coop-

eration Organization (ECO), Organization of the Black Sea

Economic Cooperation (BSEC), World Trade Organization

(WTO), Custom Union (CU), D8 and G20. Foreign trade

which was held by international firms replaced with trade held by

international organizations in changing world. As the number of

membership increases Turkey has started to behave as world coun-

tries with increasing foreign trade volume and opportunities. In

this research we first looked at growth rate of export and import

between Turkey and G20 countries to reveal performance analy-

sis of foreign trade between these two groups which has the most

important share in Turkish foreign trade. Then the analysis fol-

lowed by a look at growth rate of total export and import of Tur-

key. Lastly, foreign trade balance and volume are investigated. At

the end of research we searched export/import coverage ratio

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Primary Language English
Subjects Political Science
Journal Section Research Article

Hayrettin Kesgingöz This is me

Serkan Dilek This is me

Publication Date June 1, 2017
Published in Issue Year 2017 Volume: 6 Issue: 1-2


APA Kesgingöz, H., & Dilek, S. (2017). The Impact of G20 On Turkish Foreign Trade. Afro Eurasian Studies, 6(1-2), 3-8.

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