Author Guidelines

Writing rules

Afyon Kocatepe University International Journal of Engineering Technologies and Applied Sciences is a journal that contains important, original and high quality research and studies in the fields of Science and Engineering. The manuscripts of the articles to be published in the journal are given below. All articles are evaluated by the scientific committee in terms of their scientific contributions, originalities and contents. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of their data. The journal reserves the right to make appropriate corrections regarding language and spelling where it deems necessary. Articles may be returned to the responsible author for revision if deemed necessary. The articles published in the journal become the property of the journal and the copyright of the articles is taken in the name of hakk Afyon Kocatepe University International Engineering and Applied Sciences D. Manuscripts printed in any language are not evaluated for publication in the journal. Authors cannot send an article to the Journal of International Engineering and Applied Sciences of Afyon Kocatepe University to another journal. Authorization of the author and the printing house is taken in all the changes made in the articles.

Authors are required to submit an (overwrite zorund and formu copyright transfer form ı together with the article (e-manuscript) through the online system (The copyright transfer form can also be submitted after the article has been accepted). The manuscript sent with the article should indicate whether any part of the information in the article has been previously published in electronic media or sent for evaluation. The author should have an address, telephone, fax number and e-mail address.

You can reach this sample, which has been prepared for the articles to be submitted to Afyon Kocatepe University International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, in the Bilim Sample article ve on the magazine's web page. Please prepare your article presentation in MS-Word® format.

Articles submitted will be reviewed and evaluated by the related field editors and the publication owner will be informed about the status of the article. NOTE: USE THE SAMPLE PAPER BELOW THE PRINTING OF DOCUMENTS. ... The spelling language is Turkish or English.

-Seconds; (Right-Left-Bottom-Top) should be 2 cm.

-General Measures; The width of the milk should be 8,15 cm, the spacing should be 0,7 cm.

-Title; 16 Punto, Calibri font, Left Align and Initial Letters must be Large (and, except with, etc.)

-Key words; maximum 6, 9 pt, Calibri font and centered. The initial letters of the keywords must be large and separated by büyük; harfl.

-Summary; It should not exceed 250 words in Turkish and English, and no paragraphs should be used. Abstract should be 9 points, Calibri font and two side aligned.

-Text; The text of the text, which should be written in Calibri, should be formatted as 11-point, Range 0 cm, Multiple (1.15 cm) line spacing and two-sided aligned. The margins for each page should be 2 cm in all directions. Findings and Discussion can be given together if necessary. In this case, the result should be given under a separate title. Text can contain numbered subheadings as needed. Each subheading should be listed under the main heading. For example; 2.1., 2.2., 2.3. etc.

Molds; Figures; It should be in JPEG or TIFF format and should not be presented as an Excel extension. Shape text should be 10 pt. Figures should be embedded in the manuscript and submitted as a separate file during the article submission. Figures should be presented in black and white or grayscale. The width of the figures should not exceed 8 cm for two columns and 17 cm for one column.

-Table; their names should be at the top of the table, should be written with Calibri font and 10 font size. See the example (grid) article for the table example.

-Resources; (Indentation: Special Hanging 0.5 cm) should be given in the form of a child's surname and year in round brackets. (Please see example (manual) for details). The references directory should be given as follows. Author's surname, initials, year of publication. Title of article. Long name of the journal (italics), volume number (if any), page range. Author's last name, initial letter (s) of his / her name, year. The name of the book. skin number, editor (s), publisher, page range. Author's surname, first letter of his / her name, year of thesis. Name of thesis, type of thesis (Master's degree, PhD), institute where the thesis is submitted, place of presentation, total page.