Year 2019, Volume 13 , Issue 1, Pages 61 - 65 2019-04-29

Sutural bones: a literature review


Using standard search engines PubMed, Scopus, Scielo, Cochrane, Science Direct and Medline, 433 articles were found to evaluate the information about sutural bones. Thirty-six articles that match our stated objectives about sutural bones were analyzed. Data were evaluated in the current medical literature for their historical aspects, anatomical classification, development, clinically significance and their presence in some bone dysplasias. There is still dispute on whether sutural bone development is influenced by genetic or external factors. Sutural bones are a known sporadic occurrence in the human cranium and do not predispose a person to any particular disease. Their presence, however, is commonly used as a useful marker of some underlying genetic disorders. 

cranium, human, interparietal bone
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Author: Rafael ROMERO-REVERÓN (Primary Author)

Author: Luis A. ARRÁEZ-AYBAR


Publication Date : April 29, 2019

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