Anatomy, an international journal of experimental and clinical anatomy, is a peer-reviewed journal published three times a year with an objective to publish manuscripts with high scientific quality from all areas of anatomy. The journal offers a forum for anatomical investigations involving gross, histologic, developmental, neurological, radiological and clinical anatomy, and anatomy teaching methods and techniques. The journal is open to original papers covering a link between gross anatomy and areas related with clinical anatomy such as experimental and functional anatomy, neuroanatomy, comparative anatomy, modern imaging techniques, molecular biology, cell biology, embryology, morphological studies of veterinary discipline, and teaching anatomy.

Anatomy is a peer-reviewed e-journal that publishes scientific articles in English. For a manuscript to be published in the journal, it should not be published previously in another journal or as full text in congress books and should be found relevant by the editorial board. Also, manuscripts submitted to Anatomy must not be under consideration by any other journal. Relevant manuscripts undergo conventional peer review procedure (at least three reviewers). For the publication of accepted manuscripts, author(s) should reveal to the Editor-in-Chief any conflict of interest and transfer the copyright to the Turkish Society of Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy, TSACA. (see PDF documents [each 96 KB]: Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Statement and Copyright Transfer Form). 

In reviewing an article for Anatomy, we are interested in your overall opinion of the article and any comments you might wish to pass on to the author to assist him or her in making the article publishable. The editor would appreciate at least one paragraph indicating why this paper contributes to the field or, if it does not, your opinion on why not.

A reviewer form for Anatomy in REVIEW FORMS are requested to be filled-in.

Anatomical terms used should comply with Terminologia Anatomica by FCAT (1998).

No publication cost is charged for the manuscripts but reprints and color printings are at authors' cost.


Anatomy is published by Deomed Publishing, Istanbul, for the Turkish Society of Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy (TSACA).


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Anatomy is the official journal of Turkish Society of Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy (TSACA).