The purpose of the journal is to provide teachers, pre-service teachers and academics with the opportunity to benefit from other colleagues, revealing the spiritual aspects of the teaching profession and sharing the teaching profession. For this reason, teachers, teacher candidates and academicians, effective work in their classrooms, activities and materials, their successful work in schools, projects, new and popular information they want to share on any subject, activities outside the school, etc. they can share their articles in this journal with an article. Initially, it was limited to the subjects of science education in preschool, primary school, secondary school, high school and university level. In the future, it is planned to rearrange the journal for teachers in all branches. The journal is a peer-reviewed journal published twice a year in June and December. It is free to publish articles in the journal, and free access to relevant articles is available through the website. The writers are expected to prepare the writings carefully as educators.


The journal consists of two parts: Research Articles and Popular Articles. Authors have the right to choose if they wish to evaluate their articles in the Research or Popular Article categories while uploading their articles to the automation system. The type of article is specified in the Table of Contents. 

 Research Articles

 In this section, quantitative, qualitative and mixed pattern researches in the field of science education, and the topics related to science education in a theoretical perspective, and studies that offer practical and model suggestions are published.

The articles in the Research Article category are scientifically controlled by two referees in the field. In the process of evaluating the articles, the authors evaluate who is the referee; The referees do not know which author they belong to. After the corrections are requested by the referees, the articles which are considered to be published are published in the first issue following.

Popular Articles

In this section, in-class application examples in the field of science education, activities and materials, successful studies in schools, projects, new, popular information, any extracurricular activities, etc studies are being published.

The articles in the Popular Article category are presented for the evaluation of two referees. It is planned to publish all works which are subject to referee inspection, provided that they serve the purpose of the journal and do not contain any scientific errors.