Author Guidelines

The articles in the Research Article category should be arranged according to the following rules.

The articles in the popular article category can be arranged according to the following spelling rules, and spelling rules and format can be determined according to the content of the text. Manuscripts should be written in a popular language, fluent and concise. The short time that the manuscripts will not be tightened will serve the purpose of the journal even though there is no page limit. Photographs and video images of the works can be added (photos can be used as links in the text, links will be given to video images. Linked photos and videos will be published in the Visual (Materials section of the journal).

Writing Rules for Research Paper:

1. The following title sequence can be used in preparing the research paper;

 Title, author names (institution name, e-mail, etc.) Turkish and English Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion-Conclusion and Suggestions, Bibliography.

2. All paragraphs of the main text should be prepared with the MS Word program. The main text should be written with 12 pt Times New Roman font and 1.5 line spacing, left, right, top and bottom of the page with 2.5 cm margin and should be sent without page number. The entire text should be justified. 

3. The title of the manuscript should be in Turkish and English in 12 pt, Times New Roman, bold, aligned and all capital letters. Under the title, the author names should be written in Times New Roman 12 point, aligned. Turkish abstracts and abstracts should be available immediately below the names of the authors. Abstracts should be prepared in Times New Roman, 10 pt, aligned on both sides. Keywords with a minimum of 3 words and a maximum of 5 words should be provided with a space below the abstract.

4. Tables, figures, photos, graphics and drawing names should be Times New Roman, 10 font size, bold, justified, and a sequence number.

5. APA 6.0 System should be used in bibliography.

6. The works to be sent to the journal should not be published in another journal or sent to another journal for publication. All ethics, scientific etc. responsibility of articles belongs to the authors.