By bringing together the researchers from inside and outside the discipline of geography on the issues that are related to all fields of geography and by offering scientific solutions with production and sharing of information, Turkish Journal of Geographical Sciences aims to contribute to the studies in the field of geographical sciences on a national and international level.


Turkish Journal of Geographical Sciences is a media outlet of Ankara University Research Center of Turkish Geography (TUCAUM) and it has been published bianually as a refereed journal since 2003. 

The journal contains original articles related to all fields of geography written by researchers of both the discipline of geography as well as researchers from other disciplines. The publishing policy of Turkish Journal of Geographical Sciences is to have empirical and review articles (model suggestions, literature reviews and discussions), mainly those with research and analysis based findings and gained through using recent scientific methods and techniques. Apart from the articles, the journal may also contain book reviews or critiques, some news that are related to reports on various congresses and symposiums as well as research reports.

The articles to be sent to the journal must be approved by the Editorial Board first. Additionally, the articles are published after being evaluated by at least two referees and receiving their feedback as being ‘publishable’. The articles which fail to receive the ‘publishable’ feedback from the referees or the editor cannot be published.  It must be considered to keep the study under 25 pages in total (that includes the main article, references, charts/figures and photographs). The author bears full responsibility of their article which is published on the journal. When authors submit an article to the journal, they accept in advance that the study in question has not yet been published or sent to be published in another scientific media outlet. Accordingly, in order to be able to run a more effective article evaluation process and to increase the scientific quality of the journal, it is mandatory for authors to follow the stylistic features of the article. For the same reasons, it is recommended for authors to follow the structural features of the article in regards to the structure of the article.