About Us

Focus and Scope

The Journal of Regional Studies (e-ISSN 2587-1234) is an internationally peer-reviewed journal that addresses the kinesis of the international system and international security at the regional level. To discuss regional dynamics with an interdisciplinary approach, the Journal of Regional Studies intends to include articles from disciplines of international relations, history, political science, sociology, economics, law etc.

Publication Frequency

The Journal of Regional Studies is an internationally recognised electronic journal published in May and December every year.

Peer Review Process

The articles sent to the Journal of Regional Studies are assessed through the Double Blind Review System. The material submitted to the journal should neither be published in any prior academic work or have the intent of being published in numerous journals simultaneously. Herein, the author is entitled with the fullest responsibility.

If the article is deemed appropriate regarding form and scope by the Editorial Board, it is sent to two referees specialised on the topic for assessment. If both evaluations are affirmative, then the article is accepted for publication. However, if one evaluation is affirmative and the other is opposing, then the article is sent to a third referee.

Submitted articles shall be published upon the final decision of the Editorial Board after at least two referees provide an “affirmative” assessment. The authors are required to consider the criticism, evaluation and correction requests of the referees and the Editorial Board.

Articles that are accepted for publication but require rectification are to be corrected and resubmitted by the author within 20 days. In cases where the author does not confine to the considerations, he/she has the right submit them along with justifications on a separate page. If necessary, the revised text may be reviewed by the referee who requested the changes.

The Editorial Board collates affirmative articles based on the context of the journal and completion of the referee reports.

The articles submitted to the journal shall not be given back whether published or not.

Articles published in the Journal of Regional Studies reflect the judgements of their respected authors and in no way constitute the official opinion of the Journal.

Open Access Policy

The Journal of Regional Studies is an Open Access journal and provides immediate open access to its contents. The Journal aims to promote the development of global Open Access to scientific information and research. The Publisher provides copyrights of all online published papers (except where otherwise noted) for free use of readers, scientists, and institutions (such as link to the content or permission for its download, distribution, printing, copying, and reproduction in any medium, except change of contents and for commercial use), under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 Unported (CC BY-NC) License, provided the original work is cited. Written permission is required from the publisher for use of its contents for commercial purposes.

Submission / Article Processing Charges

The Journal of Regional Studies does not charge any fees for article submission or article processing.


The Journal of Regional Studies requires that every work be subject to plagiarism auditing. In this context, each work is passed through a plagiarism audit system which the publication board considers appropriate.

Copyright Policy

The copyrights of articles published belong to the Journal of Regional Studies. The author agrees that the copyright of the article approved for publication is transferred to the Journal of Regional Studies. The publishing of the article in another medium depends on the permission of the journal.

For translated articles sent to our journal, the original text and the written permission of the owner are required. Translated texts are also subject to referee approval.