Year 2018, Volume 8 , Issue 1, Pages 19 - 31 2018-06-20

W. V. Quine, Metaphysics and Pragmatism

Hatice BAŞDAĞ BAŞ [1]

According to W. V. Quine, science advocates a physicalist ontology and an empiricist epistemology. However, Quine’s ontological physicalism includes the abstract objects of mathematics, such as numbers or sets. So, Quine’s commitments to empiricism are firm but not permanent. Quine has incorporated various elements of pragmatic thought into his philosophical outlook, that is why I advocate that Quine’s philosophy decidedly gives to the pragmatic view of empiricism.
Quine, empiricism, naturalism, pragmatism, metaphysics, epistemology
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Author: Hatice BAŞDAĞ BAŞ (Primary Author)
Country: Turkey


Publication Date : June 20, 2018

APA Başdağ Baş, H . (2018). W. V. Quine, Metaphysics and Pragmatism . Beytulhikme An International Journal of Philosophy , 8 (1) , 19-31 . DOI: 10.18491/beytulhikme.415339