Author Guidelines

Abstract should be written in 10 spaces in Times New Roman between 200-500 words with a single line spacing. There will be no Turkish abstract (Özet) in articles written only in English. It should not use Bold and italic spelling. 

Keywords: 10 punto, Times New Roman, not italic, between 4-6 words

The entire article will be written in Times New Roman in 10 pt with a single line spacing. 

All references found in the article within the article under the heading "References" in the section after the text of the manuscript should be given in alphabetical order according to author surnames. References should be written in  10 pt including title of title. If the reference of the article is mentioned in the reference; Surname of the author should be in the form of year, and in the references to 3 or more written reference, the abbreviation "et al." Should be used. If more than one reference is referred to in the same place, the reference must be given in the order of date. If more than one work of the same author with the same date is to be attributed, the letter "a, b" should be adjacent to the word.)


Bragança, H., Diogo, E., Moniz, F., Amaro, P. (2009). First report of pitch canker on pines caused by Fusarium circinatum in Portugal. Plant Disease, 93(10), 1079-1079.

Kamra, S.K. (1989). Improving the forest seed situation in some African countries. Turnbull, J. W. (Ed.) Tropical Tree Seed Research. Gympie, Australia.

Pinestrength, (2017). COST Action FP1406: Pine pitch canker strategies for management of Gibberella circinata in greenhouses and forests (Pinestrength). (Erişim Tarihi: 05.04.2017).

TÜİK, (2015). Türkiye İstatistik Kurumu. (Erişim Tarihi: 12.04.2017).

Refences should be shown as (Kamra, 1989; Bragança vd., 2009; Bragança et al. 2009) in the text.

* The manuscript must be prepared in accordance with the template provided on the attachment.

It is suggested to write the manuscript under the titles "Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusions, Acknowledgements(optional), Refereneces".

The tables and figures should be placed at the relevant place in the text.

Margins :

Left: 2 / Right: 2 / Top:2,5 / Bottom:2 / Gutter: 0