Price Policy

No fee is charged from the author or institution under any name.

• CAMS is an open-access journal that does not request any subscription fees.
• CAMS does not request any fees for article submission, reviewing and editing processes, page layout, and publication (page or color fees).
• CAMS does not pay any fees to authors, reviewers, editors, and editorial board members.
• All papers on CAMS are free to read and download.
• CAMS signed on to the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI), which promotes free access to research literature and has adopted the Open Access Principles that are clarified in this initiative.
• All papers on CAMS are archived with the LOCKSS (Lots Of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) system through TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM DergiPark.
• CAMS does not accept announcements, advertisements, sponsorships, etc. due to its publication policy.
• We do not offer a reprint service for those requiring professional-quality reproductions of papers.
• All expenses of the CAMS journal are covered by the publisher.

Creative Commons License
The published articles in CAMS are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License..