Author Guidelines


Articles submitted to CUJSE should be written in English. The preferred word processing programs are LaTeX and Word, and authors are requested to use the respective templates as provided below. 

Templates: WordLaTeX

The length of the manuscript, including the sources, tables and figures depends on the paper type. Original research papers should not exceed 25 pages; short communication papers should not exceed 12 pages; review papers comprise up to 40 pages.

During the article submission process, the authors should upload at least two different documents, one being full text and the other one being blind copy of the manuscript, since CUJSE operates a double blind review process. For the first file (full text), the authors must select the submission file type as "Full Text". For the second file (blind copy), the authors must select the submission file type as "Source Text".

Submissions need to include the signed journal application form.


There are 4 main stages in the evaluation of an article submitted to Çankaya University Journal of Science and Engineering.

1- Pre-Evaluation Process
A Field Editor is assigned to the article based on the subject area. This Field Editor performs a pre-evaluation of the article submitted by the author in accordance with the "Aim and Scope" and "Publication Policies" of the journal. Articles considered suitable are then sent to at least two referees.

2- Evaluation by the Referees
The referees evaluate the scientific content of the article in a double blind review process and provide a detailed referee report to the field editor.

3- Final Decision Process
In accordance with the evaluations made by the referees, the Field Editor recommends a publication decision such as “accept”, “minor revisions”, “major revisions” or “reject” together with an evaluation report. Based on this recommendation, the Editor-in-Chief performs the final acceptance decision and sends the decision letter to the authors. 
Note that revised articles follow the same procedure.

4- Accepted Papers
Accepted papers will be sent for English proofreading and final editing. A final proof will be provided to the authors for verification. After these steps are completed, the papers will be published online in one of the forthcoming issues of the journal.

Upon acceptance of an article for publication, the author(s) are requested to assign copyright to the publisher using the following copyright form.