Aim & Scope

Çeviribilim ve Uygulamaları Dergisi (Journal of Translation Studies) is an academic, open-access journal and operates with a double-blind peer referee system. The journal publishes national and international research articles in the field of translation studies. In this context, Çeviribilim ve Uygulamaları Dergisi (Journal of Translation Studies) aims at sharing with the academic world of scientific studies reflecting both international theories/applications and the accumulation of knowledge, coming from a land where many cultures and civilizations have blended together for thousands of years.

The journal publishes articles in the subjects such as literary translation, specialised translation (law, medicine, economics, etc.), audio-visual translation, technical translation, media translation, interpreting, translation theory, translation criticism, translation training, translation history, translation ethics, translation technologies, linguistics and translation, sociology of translation, terminology and translation. 

Period Months
July December