Year 2020, Volume 2 , Issue 1, Pages 10 - 16 2020-06-30

Dynamical Analysis, Electronic Circuit Design and Control Application of a Different Chaotic System

Yusuf ADIYAMAN [1] , Selcuk EMİROGLU [2] , Muhammed Kürşad UÇAR [3] , Muhammed YILDIZ [4]

In this study, the dynamic behavior of a chaotic system is explored and its dynamical analysis is performed by Lyapunov exponents, fractional dimension, dependence to initial conditions and bifurcation diagram. In addition, the bifurcation analysis of the system is studied with respect to a certain parameter. The electronic circuit implementation of a chaotic system is realized and compared with the phase portraits obtained from Matlab and circuit realization. Also, passive control technique is applied to stabilize and suppress the chaos in the chaotic system. Numerical simulations are presented to verify the theoretical analysis and the effectiveness of the proposed control method.
Computer, Electronic
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Author: Yusuf ADIYAMAN (Primary Author)
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Author: Selcuk EMİROGLU
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Author: Muhammed Kürşad UÇAR
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Author: Muhammed YILDIZ
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Publication Date : June 30, 2020

APA Adıyaman, Y , Emiroglu, S , Uçar, M , Yıldız, M . (2020). Dynamical Analysis, Electronic Circuit Design and Control Application of a Different Chaotic System . Chaos Theory and Applications , 2 (1) , 10-16 . Retrieved from