Year 2020, Volume 2 , Issue 2, Pages 69 - 76 2020-11-30

In this study, a user interface has been designed for chaos based image encryption applications in LabVIEW. First, a random number generator was designed via a chaotic system that analyzed in LabVIEW. Through to the interface developed in this design, the initial values, system variables and how many bits of random numbers will be generated are entered by the user. Moreover, the phase portraits and time series of the system can be observed by the user through this interface. The random numbers produced were tested on NIST-800-22 to measure the reliability of the system. In addition, an interface design that enables easy encryption can be done by selecting random numbers and images produced with the algorithm developed in LabVIEW. The reliability of the application was verified by passing commonly accepted tests in the literature such as histogram entropy, correlation, UACI, NPCR. While the result values of NPCR test for y, z phases are 0,99573 and 0,99605, the UACI result values are 0,29265 and 0,2939. Results shows that the proposed software is reliable.
Chaos, Chaotic systems, LabVIEW, Image encryption application, Pseudo random numbers
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Author: Bilal GÜREVİN
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Author: Muhammed YILDIZ (Primary Author)
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Author: Mustafa KUTLU
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Author: Özcan SORGUN
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Publication Date : November 30, 2020

APA Gürevin, B , Yıldız, M , Güleryüz, E , Kutlu, M , Sorgun, Ö . (2020). A Chaos Based Image Encryption On LabVIEW . Chaos Theory and Applications , 2 (2) , 69-76 . Retrieved from