Year 2021, Volume 3 , Issue 1, Pages 1 - 2 2021-06-30

Chaos Theory and Applications: A New Trend

Guanrong CHEN [1]

This is an Editorial. It is amazing and also exciting to see a new journal Chaos Theory and Applications established recently. After chaos was coined with a precise model, the Lorenz system, more than half a century ago, there have already been many well-known journals on chaos such as, to name just a few specialized ones, Chaos, Chaos Solitons and Fractals, International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, Nonlinear Dynamics, and several Physical Review journals. Therefore, on the one hand, organizing a new journal on chaos needs a lot of courage and planning, and on the other hand, one can see that the chaos is still an ever-young subject for scientific research today. It is our expectation, therefore, that the new journal Chaos Theory and Applications could contribute more to this new direction of chaos research, along with other traditional topics.
Chaos, Lorenz system, Rossler system, Chua circuit, Nonhyperbolic system
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Journal Section Editorial

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Author: Guanrong CHEN (Primary Author)
Institution: City University of Hong Kong
Country: Hong Kong


Publication Date : June 30, 2021

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