Writing Rules

• Title of Manuscript: The title has to present the topic of the paper clearly.
• Abstract: For summarizing the paper. Healthy abstract should contain background/importance of research topic, purpose/hypothesis, design/methodology/ approach including procedures/data/ Observations, Findings and Conclusions.
• Introduction: State the objectives of the work and provide an adequate background, avoiding a detailed literature survey or a summary of the results.
• Related Works (Optional): In this section, previous studies conducted in the state of the art have to be reviewed.
• Materials and Methods/ Methodology/ Proposed Work: This section includes the new methodology /methodology applied/ proposed work.
• Results and Discussion: This section demonstrates the findings and provides analytical discussion.
• Conclusion(s) (and Future Work/ Optional): This section concludes the paper and highlights the contributions of the conducted study and sets the direction of the Future Work (Optional).
• References: relevant references have to be cited. You should follow the examples provided for correct citation:
a) For article: O. Dxxx, Title of Paper, Journal Name, Vol.x,N.y, pp.Aa-Bb (Year).
b) For book: J. Axxx, Book Name, Xxxx Press, City, (Year).
c) For conference: L.M. xxx and D. Pxxx, Title of Presentation, Conference Name, Location, (Year).
d) For thesis: F. Txxx, Title of Thesis. Ph.D. (or M.Sc.) Thesis. University Name, (Year).
• Appendices (Optional): Source code, additional (results, figures, tables, equations), etc.  

CTC only accepts latex for the article during the printing phase. You can access the journal template from the link below;


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