Year 2018, Volume 1 , Issue 1, Pages 48 - 52 2018-07-28


Gülden YILMAZ [1]

In this study, some medicinal plants used as folk medicine around European Turkey are given. To understand how the medicinal plants used as folk medicines, photographs of the plants, locations of them in European Turkey, plant parts which were used for treatment, preparations, therapeutic effects, using dosages were given. The evaluation of relevant data in literature revealed that, 8 taxa were used for haemorrhoids while 4 taxa were used for hair loss. For burn diseases people has used Urtica urens and Hypericum perforatum and for acne people has made treatment with Urtica dioica. In addition to this Plantago major subsp. intermedia, Cotinus coggyria and Hypericum perforatum were used for injuries in European Turkey.
Dermatological disease, European Turkey, folk medicine
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Author: Gülden YILMAZ (Primary Author)


Publication Date : July 28, 2018

APA YILMAZ, G . (2018). SOME MEDICINAL PLANTS USED AS FOLK MEDICINE FOR DERMATOLOGICAL DISEASES IN EUROPEAN TURKEY. Current Perspectives on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CUPMAP) , 1 (1) , 48-52 . Retrieved from