Year 2020, Volume 3 , Issue 1, Pages 18 - 24 2020-06-27

The Efficiency of BIOAPIFIT® Wound Care Ointment in the Treatment of Venous Ulcers

Višnja OREŠČANIN [1] , Zrinka MIHALIĆ [2] , Josipa RODIĆ [3] , štefica FINDRI GUŠTEK [4]

Objective / Purpose: The objective of this study was efficacy assessment of Bioapifit® wound care ointment consisted of honey, Cera flava, glycerin, the oil macerates of astringent and soothing herbs combined with three essential oils for the treatment of venous ulcers. Materials and methods: 50 patients with total 112 venous ulcers with the total surface area of 572.5 cm2 were treated 60 days (twice a day) with Bioapifit® wound care ointment applied on conventionally cleaned wound and covered with bandage during the whole course of the study. The healing process was assessed by Venous Clinical Severity Score (VCSS) tool twice a month. Results: At baseline the mean value and standard deviation of the VCSS score was 25.03 ± 4.37 and 25.53 ± 3.36 for females and males, respectively. The surface area ranged from 1.6 to 28.1 cm2 for females and from 1.60 to 29.20 cm2 for males. The mean value and standard deviation of the total VCSS score following the treatment decreased to 6.26 ± 4.0 and 6.47 ± 3.9 for females and males, respectively. Total number of active ulcers decreased from 112 to 17 and the total surface area of all ulcers from 572.5 cm2 to 7.6 cm2. No side-effects were observed during the course of the study. Conclusion / Discussion: Two months application of Bioapifit® wound care ointment resulted in complete closure of 84.8% of the ulcers and reduction in their surface area for 98.7% with the mean healing time of 37.2 days.

Venous Ulcers, VCSS Tool, Honeybee’s Products, Herbal Macerate
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Subjects Pharmacology and Pharmacy
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Author: Višnja OREŠČANIN (Primary Author)
Institution: OREŠČANIN Ltd., Laboratory For Herbal Drugs Development, A. Jakšića 30, Zagreb-Croatia
Country: Croatia

Author: Zrinka MIHALIĆ
Institution: Findri-Guštek Healthcare Institution, Ninska 5, Sesvete-Croatia
Country: Croatia

Author: Josipa RODIĆ
Institution: Family Medicine Clinic, Vilima Korajca 19, Zagreb-Croatia
Country: Croatia

Author: štefica FINDRI GUŠTEK
Institution: Findri-Guštek Healthcare Institution, Ninska 5, Sesvete-Croatia
Country: Croatia


Publication Date : June 27, 2020

APA Oreščanın, V , Mıhalıć, Z , Rodıć, J , Fındrı Guštek, š . (2020). The Efficiency of BIOAPIFIT® Wound Care Ointment in the Treatment of Venous Ulcers . Current Perspectives on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CUPMAP) , 3 (1) , 18-24 . DOI: 10.38093/cupmap.604235

Authors of the Article
Višnja OREŠČANIN [1]
Zrinka MIHALIĆ [2]
Josipa RODIĆ [3]
štefica FINDRI GUŠTEK [4]