Year 2021, Volume 4 , Issue 1, Pages 13 - 21 2021-05-02

In-vitro comparison release study of novel liposome and conventional formulation containing Rosmarinus officinalis extract

İsmail ASLAN [1] , Ahmet Arif KURT [2]

The aim of this research study was to examine the effect of conventional Rosmarinus officinalis (without delivery systems) extract and liposomal delivery system incorporated extract on skin permeation velocity in vitro conditions was to determine whether there was a significant difference (in terms of duration) over the determined parameters. 47 mm diameter with a capacity of 20 ml in a water bath applied to the membrane surface in 37 ° C environment and using a double walled franz diffusion cell containing a polycarbonate membrane filter. 20.40. in minutes and upto 160 minutes 50 rpm rotation speed (imitating skin application speed) with classical methods and delivery named by calculating the transition rates of Rosmarinus officinalis extracts obtained by the alternative method through the diffusion cell. As a result of the study, it was clearly determined that the mixture of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) extract in the liposomal carrier system at a volume ratio of 1: 1 compared with the conventional formula has a very high in vitro release rate of 160 minutes, even absorbed within minutes.
Phytochemicals, Herbal liposomes, Rosmarinus officinalis, In-vitro release, Franz diffusion cell
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Orcid: 0000-0001-7075-7103
Author: İsmail ASLAN (Primary Author)
Country: Turkey

Orcid: 0000-0002-3490-0192
Author: Ahmet Arif KURT
Country: Turkey


Publication Date : May 2, 2021

APA Aslan, İ , Kurt, A . (2021). In-vitro comparison release study of novel liposome and conventional formulation containing Rosmarinus officinalis extract . Current Perspectives on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CUPMAP) , 4 (1) , 13-21 . DOI: 10.38093/cupmap.848115