Year 2005, Volume 8 , Issue 23, Pages 93 - 110 2005-06-01

Mushaf of Ali b. Ebi Talib and Fatimah in the Sources of the Shia
Şiî Kaynaklarda Ali B. Ebî Tâlib ve Fatıma Mushafı

Mehmet ATALAN [1]

It isimportant to note that the issue of the mushaf of Ali b. Ebi Talib is neither based on inference nor is it a matter of belief but it is rather a historical and well-researched fact, and if there exists any dispute over this issue, it is regarding certain details and the eventual fate of this mushaf Most of the narrations indicate that Imam Ali mushaf was compiled on the basis of the order of the revelation of the surahs. However, there are differing views as regards the contents of the mushaf had whether it contained only the revealed text or the al-nuzul and the nasikh and mansukh. In one tradition it is said that Fatimah, after the Prophet passed away, used to write what she was told that would happen to her descendants and stories about other rulers to come. Fatimah recorded those information, which was kept in her family of Imams, and was called The Mushaf of Fatimah. But, The Mushaf of Fatimah is not a part of Quran. It does not have anything to do with Shari’ah and the religious practices
Quran, Mushaf of Ali b. Ebi Talib, Mushaf of Fatimah, Shia, Imams
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Author: Mehmet ATALAN


Publication Date : June 1, 2005

APA Atalan, M . (2005). Şiî Kaynaklarda Ali B. Ebî Tâlib ve Fatıma Mushafı . Dini Araştırmalar , 8 (23) , 93-110 . Retrieved from