Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

All authors who submit articles for review and publication approve and agree to abide by the following ethical rules:
• Published papers as an article or in any other format (book, book chapter, printed conference paper, etc.), accepted papers for publication or the papers under review are not accepted for evaluation.
• For the manuscripts having more than one author, the articles that are not approved by each author are not accepted.
• For the manuscripts requiring 'Ethics Committee Approval', the approval document must be submitted with the application.
• The similarity (plagiarism) rate of the submitted articles must be lower than 20%. (Similarity report can be obtained from,, or, etc.)
• In case of a revision requirement, the author(s) are requested to complete it within a mount, and to deliver the revised manuscript to the editorial board.
• Only one article of an author can be published in the same issue.
• The responsibility of the published articles belongs to the author(s).
• For all materials used in the article of the author(s), permissions must be obtained from the related publication or copyright owner(s). The author(s) are responsible for getting the necessary permission.
• Editorial Board may change the content and style of the article with the author(s)’ permission.
• Accepted and published articles cannot be republished without the permission of the publisher.
• Articles are published as open access free of charge at the submission, evaluation, acceptance and publication stages.