Year 2015, Volume 4 , Issue 4, Pages 255 - 265 2016-02-09

Sample scientific texts analysis through textlinguistic approach

Işıl Gamze Yıldız [1]

The richness and variety in written texts offers various benefits for language teaching and learning contexts. This structure of texts could lead to successful learning opportunities. It’s known that a large variety of texts can be used in classes however; scientific texts play a larger role in educational settings. In this context, from a perspective focusing on the significance of textlinguistics, this study basically tries to analyze four different scientific texts through following a specific descriptive pattern in order to shed light on determining the effectiveness of texts in foreign language teaching environments. The model for this analysis is based on scientific text analysis through textlinguistic approach offered by Şenöz-Ayata (2004): the relatedness with the research field; the contribution of the study to scientific field; the introduction of the study (aim and method); the summary of the study; the research results; and assessment of the study. This sample analysis model is expected to be contributing to students’ foreign language learning process, for candidate teachers while planning to conduct academic research and studies, for teachers of English while selecting and interpreting the content of the texts that they would use in their classes.

Keywords: Textlinguistics, scientific texts, textlinguistic approach, language learning

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Author: Işıl Gamze Yıldız


Application Date : February 9, 2016
Acceptance Date : June 20, 2021
Publication Date : February 9, 2016

APA Yıldız, I . (2016). Sample scientific texts analysis through textlinguistic approach . ELT Research Journal , 4 (4) , 255-265 . Retrieved from