Year 2016, Volume 5 , Issue 1, Pages 0 - 0 2016-03-30

Prospective teachers' beliefs about micro-teaching

Nur Cebeci [1]

Microteaching as a practical training technique provides prospective teachers with many opportunities in order to design their own effective teaching style before they involve in real classroom experiences as teachers. Therefore, in this study, the attempt was to investigate the prospective teachers’ attitudes towards the course “Teaching English to Young Learners I” (TEYLs I) which requires micro teaching presentation. The second aim of the study was to find the impacts of the theories they studied in the course and the practice they implemented in the kindergartens voluntarily on their teaching practice. The study is descriptive in nature. The participants of the study were twenty five, third year prospective teachers of English Language Teaching (ELT). The study was carried out at the ELT department of a Turkish university. Of the participants, five were male and twenty were female. For data collection, semi-structured interviews were used. The gathered data were analyzed through content analysis. The overall findings displayed that the participants had positive feelings about the microteaching practices and kindergarten applications in terms of professional development.


Keywords: Young learners, micro-teaching, theory and practice

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Author: Nur Cebeci


Application Date : March 30, 2016
Acceptance Date : June 20, 2021
Publication Date : March 30, 2016

APA Cebeci, N . (2016). Prospective teachers' beliefs about micro-teaching . ELT Research Journal , 5 (1) , 0-0 . Retrieved from