Year 2019, Volume 8 , Issue 1, Pages 2 - 21 2019-03-31

The effects of using games and visual aids in learning foreign language vocabulary

Ufuk ATAS [1]

This study aims to find out and compare the effectiveness of two ways of teaching vocabulary to learners of English as a foreign language; through visual aids and using games, and through traditional methods; that is, giving dictionary definitions and studying through worksheets. In order to reach the aim, two groups were formed; one control group who were taught the target vocabulary via traditional activities such as giving definitions, translations and studying worksheets, and one experimental group in which flashcards and games were used to teach the target vocabulary. The participants of this study include 40 students in A1 level from a private high-school in Turkey. The level of proficiency was determined by the Oxford Online Placement Test. One vocabulary-in-isolation test was given to the students both before and after the study as a pre-test and a post-test. The results indicated that the experimental group scored higher eventually. The results of this study provide useful insights for practicing English language teachers about effective ways of teaching vocabulary. 

vocabulary retention, teaching vocabulary, games and visual aids
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Author: Ufuk ATAS (Primary Author)
Country: Turkey


Application Date : October 30, 2018
Acceptance Date : December 27, 2018
Publication Date : March 31, 2019

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