Review Process

Preliminary Evaluation

When a manuscript is submitted to a JMEEP, it is assessed to see if it meets the criteria for submission. All manuscripts are first examined by the journal secretaries for missing files. Authors are noticed when any missing file is detected.

First Evaluation

The JMEEP editorial board evaluates the submission according to the journal's aims and scopes. The articles which are not in the scope of the journal, written in the poor language, include scientific errors, and/or do not meet the publication standards of the journal will be desk-rejected. In this case, authors will be noticed within a month.

The manuscripts that are found appropriate for publishing are sent to peer reviewers within the field of research to peer-review the manuscript and make recommendations. The double-blind peer review system is adopted; reviewers are unaware of the identity of the author, and the author is also unaware of the identity of the reviewer. Under the equivalence of the positive and negative reviews, the opinion of the editorial board is taken or the manuscript is sent to a third reviewer.

Review Process

Reviewers are given 8 weeks to review. Revisions of reviewers or editors must be completed by the authors within 1 month. Reviewers can review the authors' revisions if necessary, may request multiple revisions.

Language Editors' Review

Articles are sent to English Language Editors after the peer review process is completed. Submissions must be of a simple, clear, and fluent language. Language editors may request language editing during the evaluation process. The author (s) will be given a month for revisions. Articles that are not corrected within this period will be rejected. This process can be repeated according to the language editors' evaluation.

It is recommended non-English authors receive professional support for English proofreading before uploading their work.

Review Results

Based on the review done by the field editor and reviewers, editors report the views of the editorial board to the author(s) in two weeks along with the suggestions made by the field editor and reviewers. In this process, the studies that are not accepted for publication are rejected. Accepted manuscripts move on to layout arrangement.

How long does the Publication Review Process last?

It is anticipated that the publication review process of the studies submitted to JEMEEP takes approximately 6 months.