Year 2019, Volume 5 , Issue 3, Pages 557 - 561 2019-05-04

Current treatment options for carbon monoxide-induced neurological dysfunction

Ayush DUBEY [1] , Shubham DUBEY [2]

Carbon monoxide is an established dangerous toxicant with a complex mechanism of cellular toxicity. It is known to cause various neurological symptoms which can manifest both in acute as well as chronic forms. Delayed neurological deficits are often less recognizable. Radiological findings are also less specific. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been the mainstay of treatment over the years but is associated with its own list of complications and controversies. Current management for this important condition is discussed here. 

Carbon monoxide, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, neuroglobulin
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Author: Ayush DUBEY (Primary Author)
Institution: Department of Neurology, SAIMS Medical College and PG Institute, Indore, India
Country: India

Orcid: 0000-0002-9623-7605
Author: Shubham DUBEY
Institution: Department of Medicine, Gandhi Medical College and Hamidia Hospital, Bhopal, India
Country: India


Application Date : April 10, 2018
Acceptance Date : July 10, 2018
Publication Date : May 4, 2019

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