Year 2021, Volume 8 , Issue 2, Pages 179 - 187 2021-06-30

Poli(Rutin) Micro/nanogels for Biomedical Applications

Mehtap ŞAHİNER [1] , Selin SAGBAS SUNER [2]

Flavonoids are natural phenolic compounds that are active molecules commonly found in woody and herbaceous plants and used in natural defense mechanisms of plants against harmful microorganisms. In this research, rutin (RUT) molecule which is a natural flavonoid was bounded with epoxy groups of poly(ethylene glycol) diglycidyl ether crosslinker by using micro emulsion crosslinking technique to synthesize of poly(rutin) (p(RUT)) micro/nanogels. These p(RUT) micro/nanogels showed spherical morphologic structure with 0.3 nm-2 µm dry size range due to scanning electron microscope image. Furthermore, p(RUT) micro/nanogels was found to be in injectable size range with 548±8.9 nm average size distribution in aqueous solution depends on the dynamic light scattering (DLS) measurement. In addition, the zeta potential measurements performed at different pH conditions and potentiometric titration of the prepared p(RUT) micro/nanogels was also determined and the isoelectronic point and pKa values of these micro/nanogels was estimated as pH 2.85 and 2.16, respectively. The effects of RUT and p(RUT) micro/nanogels on α-glycosidase (AG) (EC enzyme activity were investigated and it was found that RUT and p(RUT) micro/nanogels stimulate this enzyme. Moreover, fibrinogen interaction results showed that p(RUT) micro/nanogels were more compatible than RUT for vascular system with less interaction ability of fibrinogen of p(RUT) micro/nanogels. In addition, p(RUT) micro/nanogels observed highest antioxidant scavenging ability with 251.3±20.2 gallic acid equivalency total flavonoid content (TFC) at 250 µg/mL and reduced of 1.75±0.27 µmol Fe (III) even for 5 µg p(RUT) microgel/nanogels. Furthermore, no Fe (II) chelating activity was obtained for RUT monomer, but p(RUT) micro/nanogels showed significant Fe (II) chelating activity as 43.11±17.4 %.
Rutin, microgel, nanogel, alpha-glucosidase enzyme, antioxidant
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Subjects Basic Sciences
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Orcid: 0000-0001-8666-7954
Author: Mehtap ŞAHİNER (Primary Author)
Country: Turkey

Orcid: 0000-0002-3524-0675
Author: Selin SAGBAS SUNER
Country: Turkey

Supporting Institution Çanakale Onsekizmart University (BAP)
Project Number FDH 2018-2734
Thanks The authors wish to thank BAP of Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University (COMU). This work was supported by the COMU-BAP through a research Grant No. FDH 2018-2734.

Application Date : March 14, 2021
Acceptance Date : April 23, 2021
Publication Date : June 30, 2021

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