Writing Rules

It is recommended to submit your article via logging into https://dergipark.org.tr/tr/pub/i4s, Studies not sent via the system are not accepted. Writing rules are as follows;

Font: Times New Roman

Font Size: Title 12, Abstract 10, Text 12

Page Margins: 2.5 cm from all sides.

English translation should be supported by competent persons and institutions.

Paragraph indentation should not be used in the manuscript, and the line spacing should be “single” and 0 nk. There should be single line spacing after headings and paragraphs.

Tables, charts, figures, etc. The headings of the images should be 12 pt., the content should be 10 pt. (7-10 pt. if necessary) and should be prepared according to APA 6 style.

Study pages and References should not be numbered.

The article will include Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion and Reference. Titles are flush left and the first letter will be capitalized.

Manuscripts should be uploaded to the system in Microsoft Word format. While preparing your manuscript please use the I4S Manuscript Template

It is mandatory to include Extended summary according to the language of the publication.

Reference must be 10 pt. and Indent must be special (hanging) and line gap must be 0 pt (before and after) and single.

Abstract should not exceed 200 words.

Turkish extended summary should be on the last page of the study and at least 750 words.

3-7 keywords related to the content of the study should be given and keywords should be separated by commas.

Figure text and the number should be written in italics and the text part should be written normally. The example is given below.

Figure 1. Path diagram of the first level confirmatory factor analysis

Table text and the number should be written normal. The text should be written in italics in second line. The example is given below.

Table 1.

Reliability results of scale application