ISSN: 2822-3349
e-ISSN: 2822-3357
Founded: 2022
Publisher: Terörizm ve Radikalleşme ile Mücadele Araştırma Merkezi Derneği
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Journal of Intelligence Research and Studies-İÇAD belongs to Research Center for Defence Against Terrorism and Radicalization Association (TERAM). Journal of Intelligence Research and Studies– İÇAD is a national peer reviewed academic journal. Six copies of the journal are sent to the National Library Compilation Directorate within 15 days at the latest and uploaded to the National Library Electronic Publication Compilation System.

Journal of Intelligence Research and Studies-İÇAD covers; intelligence, which is the one of the most important function of the information field, and its complementary components such as; intelligence history, counterintelligence, intelligence organizations, intelligence methods, psychological operations intelligence, counter terrorism intelligence and other similar topics in this context. Analytical and original studies and book reviews are published in the Journal.

Journal of Intelligence Research and Studies-İÇAD aims to increase the level of academic knowledge on intelligence, to contribute to the development of unique concepts about intelligence and counter terrorism intelligence in Türkiye, and also to create a reference platform for academic studies in these fields.

Journal of Intelligence Research and Studies-İÇAD started its publication life with the aim of contributing to the literature in the fields of intelligence studies and filling the gap in the national field, aims to gain a respected place in Türkiye and at the international level as a reference journal.