Year 2021, Volume 5 , Issue 2, Pages 131 - 140 2021-06-30

Stability Analysis of a Semi-Trailer Articulated Vehicle: A Review

Sunday BAKO [1]

Semi-trailer articulated vehicles are mainly used for transportation of goods and in-dustrial products. The vehicles are made of two or more vehicular units that are cou-pled by a mechanical device called, hitch point. The static and dynamic behavior of these vehicles differs from those of other vehicles, while accidents on these vehicles are fatal and disastrous. Therefore, there is need to know more about the static and dynamic characteristic of these vehicle, in order to ensure safety of lives and proper-ties. This paper provides literature review on the aforementioned vehicle in order to have more insight on how to improve its stability. It was observed from the literatures review that, the higher the weight on this vehicle, the farther the distance of centre of gravity (CG) from the hitch point. This affects the safety margin against rollover sta-bility of these vehicles. The fifth wheel lead, and the distance between the tractor, and the trailer CG were also found to play a vital role in influencing the stability of these vehicles. However, it was observed that, it would of great important for a tractor unit with one rear axle, to have the fifth wheel lead, to be as large as possible in order to control the vehicle instability. Therefore, due to the unusual behavior of these vehi-cles, more research works are needed in order to have more insight on the static and dynamic characteristic of these vehicles as to improve the safety of lives and proper-ties.
Dynamic stability, Lateral stability, Rollover stability, Yaw stability
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