Modeling of Energy and Systems

Energy Transport, Power & Fuels

Energy Systems

Energy Supply and Demand

Renewable Energy Resources and Technologies

Energy Audit and Rational Use of Energy

Advanced Energy Technologies

Energy-Saving Technologies

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Civil engineering, green building, smart grid and cities.

Climate Change and Global Warming

Environmental engineering, Environmental Systems and Telecommunications

Environmental Safety and Health

Water Resources and Future Conflicts

Solid Waste, WastTreatment and Management

Soil pollution

Air Pollution Control

Noise and Vibration Control

Planning & Sustainable Development Policy

Environmental Policy, Planning and Economy

Energy Policy, Planning and Economics.

Computer engineering

Global Climate Change

International cooperation to reduce carbon emissions

Industrial Engineering, Sustainable Materials

More Sustainable Product Design

Science for Sustainable Development

Social Security, Process Safety and Hazard Management

Waste Assessment and Treatment

Sustainable Urban Development

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical and Structural Sustainability

Sustainable Chemical ProcessesTools to plan, design and operate integrated green technology

Adsorption and Gas Storage Materials

Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming; Green Agriculture Technology

Food engineering, Food Safety and Organic Food

Nanotechnology for Sustainability

Life Cycle Assessment

Computation, Modeling and Simulationecological Sustainability

Management, Green Economy and Sustainable Economic Development

Natural Sciences