Year 2019, Volume 2 , Issue 1, Pages 169 - 184 2019-10-30


Umer Qadir SOFİ [1] , Umer Qadir SOFİ [2]

Tourism which was considered as the backbone of Jammu and Kashmir has been rapidly declined due to political instability and armed conflicts in the state. Since the 1990s, most resources are used to manage law and order problems in Jammu and Kashmir. The Government paid insufficient attention to the tourism sector. Activities related to political instability highly affected the economy of the state, increase of violence dramatically decrease tourism. In this study we identify the impact of political instability on tourism and why it affected footfall for this purpose, we have taken data of two important variables tourists to count and a number of causalities from the year 1990 to 2012. We identify the impact of political instability due to armed conflict on tourism, and a very significant negative correlation is found between these two variables. The study discusses the marketing impact of political instability on tourism in the context of Jammu and Kashmir. The tourism sector of Jammu and Kashmir has a significant impact on the economic development of the state. People of Kashmir face severe problems due to the decline in tourism which ultimately increases the unemployment ratio of the state. The study highlights the effects of political instability on the tourism sector; research is based on secondary data. Results of the study show that Peace in the destination region determines the flow of travelers; people usually avoid places that have a negative image in terms of political and social issues. Tourism sector highly depends on the political situation; political stability is an essential need of the tourism industry.

: political instability, Tourism, Conflict, Economy, Sustainability, footfalls
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Author: Umer Qadir SOFİ (Primary Author)
Institution: university of latvia
Country: Turkey

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Author: Umer Qadir SOFİ (Primary Author)
Institution: university of latvia
Country: Latvia


Publication Date : October 30, 2019

APA Sofi̇, U , Sofi̇, U . (2019). IMPACT ON MARKETING DUE TO POLITICAL INSTABILTY ON PEOPLES FOOTFALL VIA TOURISM ON J&k INDIA . InTraders International Trade Academic Journal , 2 (1) , 169-184 . Retrieved from