Year 2019, Volume 2 , Issue 1, Pages 32 - 42 2019-10-30

The book “Strategic human resource management” (Alan Nankervis, Robert Compton and Marian Baird) present a broad coverage of Strategic human resources management, execution and evaluation using concepts, models and relevant case studies.

In this Information Era; globalization, the advance in technology and the transformation in the nature of job are dominant issues for managers and human resources professionals of the millennium. The importance of SHRM for the success of the organization is inevitable in this increasingly competitive business environment and allows organizations to perform human resource management functions in a mutually beneficial way.

This book is organized into six parts. First part encompasses the perspective of strategic human resource management which is further divided into two chapters. The second part includes Human resource planning comprises of chapters 3 to 5. The third part expounds the staffing of the restructured workplace including chapters from 6 to 8. The fourth part focuses on ensuring the effective management of human resource including chapters from 9 to 12. The fifth part highlights managing employee relations (chapters 13-15) and sixth and the last part comprised of accountability, international human resource management, future directions and discussions from chapters 16 to 18.

HRM, Strategic management
  • Nankervis, A. R., Compton, R. L., & Baird, M. (2001). Strategic Human Resource Management (4th ed.). South Melbourne, Vic: Nelson Thomos Learning
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Author: Sobia SULTANA (Primary Author)
Institution: Lahore college for Women University,Lahore
Country: Pakistan


Publication Date : October 30, 2019

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