Year 2019, Volume 2 , Issue 2, Pages 205 - 223 2020-04-03

Emotional intelligence is the B blocker for job stress. A study of Pakistan and Turkey.

Hina ZAHOOR [1] , Ghulam MUHAMMAD [2] , Nasir MUSTAFA [3]

Introduction: University academicians face stress and their profession is burdensome and this job stress has catastrophic effect on their performance. High level of Emotional Intelligence maintains positive emotions which enhances confidence to accept and face difficult situations. Emotional intelligence works as a buffer in stress and individual can easily make out the situation. Thus the present study aims to explore the soak up effect of emotional intelligence in job stress in terms of self appraisal and others, regulation and utilization of emotions in the academicians of Pakistan and Turkey. Method: The data was collected from 18 universities of Pakistan and Turkey through online distribution of Google survey form via email correspondence. The Quantitative approach was adapted with the cross sectional study design. The data was gathered through self-administered questionnaire. The first section of questionnaire consisted of demographic while the remaining part of questionnaire was adopted from two valid and reliable questionnaires (Schutte et al., EI questionnaire and Job stress questionnaire), being analyzed by Smart PLS software using construct reliability, construct validity i.e. convergent and Discriminate validity and Structural model assessment Results & Conclusions: 261 academicians filled out the questionnaires. Results showed an inverse correlation among the factors of EI: AP, RE and Utilization scores with the level of Job Stress(r=-0.235, p=0.005).Appraisal has negative relation with job stress AP (p < 0.01 and t >2.67 at significant level of 0.05 ).RE ( P value <0.05 and t value >2.67) and Utilization( P value <0.05 and t value>1.96) supported the hypotheses that all facets of emotional intelligence reduce the job stress and have significant relation to absorb job stress .So, it is recommended that EI short-term training courses should be designed and scheduled in the universities.
Appraisal &expression, utilization of emotions, , Regulation of emotions, Beta blocker
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Author: Hina ZAHOOR (Primary Author)
Country: Turkey

Author: Ghulam MUHAMMAD
Institution: Mohammad Ali Jinnah University
Country: Pakistan

Author: Nasir MUSTAFA
Country: Turkey


Publication Date : April 3, 2020

APA Zahoor, H , Muhammad, G , Mustafa, N . (2020). Emotional intelligence is the B blocker for job stress. A study of Pakistan and Turkey. . InTraders International Trade Academic Journal , 2 (2) , 205-223 . Retrieved from