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Uses of Augmented Reality in Preschool Education

Year 2021, Volume: 5 Issue: 1, 11 - 20, 30.06.2021


It is a proven fact that augmented reality applications have been widely used in the field of education in recent years and have a significant effect on the learning process. It is noticeable that augmented reality (hereinafter-AR) applications were first used with university students and later on children who were educated at lower levels. It is important to mention that only a few years ago, it was stated that the usage of AR in preschool education was also used and some limitations were noticed. However, with the rapid development of technology and the widespread use of apps, multimedia, smart devices, laptops, etc. it has also made an important progress in preschool education in recent years. Nowadays, it has been a matter of curiosity in which areas the augmented reality is used in preschool education applications and what are the research trends. Determining these trends is considered
important in terms of designing and developing augmented reality applications in preschool education. In this direction, the usage areas of augmented reality in preschool education were examined in the perspective of the researches. As a result of the research, it was observed that activities were carried out for early literacy, foreign language teaching, spatial skills, artistic skills and musical skills. The results provide suggestions for increasing the applications for art and music activities for future research, designing applications for different subjects on the preschool level, and using different objects and entities in applications.

Year 2021, Volume: 5 Issue: 1, 11 - 20, 30.06.2021



Primary Language English
Subjects Studies on Education
Journal Section Articles

Monika KELPŠİENE This is me
Vytautas MAgnus University

Fatih AYDOĞDU This is me

Publication Date June 30, 2021
Acceptance Date April 20, 2021
Published in Issue Year 2021 Volume: 5 Issue: 1


APA Kelpšiene, M. & Aydoğdu, F. (2021). Uses of Augmented Reality in Preschool Education . International Technology and Education Journal , 5 (1) , 11-20 . Retrieved from