Year 2021, Volume 3 , Issue 1, Pages 55 - 74 2021-05-10

Effects of Short Birth Interval on Birth Outcomes among Term Pregnant Mothers in Labor

Ebba KORSA [1] , Fozia IBRAHİM [2] , Kifle Woldemichael HAJİTO [3]

          Short birth interval is a global public health problem that remains challenging in Ethiopia. This study aimed to determine the effects of short birth interval on birth outcomes among term pregnant mothers in labor in Nekemte, Ethiopia.
          An institution-based prospective cohort-study with a convenient sampling technique was conducted from February 01 to March 30, 2016. A total of 207 term pregnant mothers were enrolled with the ratio of 1:2 women with short birth intervals and actualbirth intervals. The data collected using a structured questionnaire was analyzed by SPSS version 20.
        Women with short birth intervals were more likely to have premature rupture of membrane, prolonged labor, preeclampsia, and risk of malposition or malpresentation compared to women with actual birth intervals. Women with short birth intervals also had babies with low birth weight, low APGAR score, respiratory distress, risk of having early age for gestational growth, early neonatal death, and anemicnewborn babies compared to women with actual birth intervals.
          Therefore, the findings of this study revealed that short birth intervals had a significant influence on both maternal and neonatal health outcomes.
Short Birth Interval, Normal Birth Interval, Birth Outcome, Ethiopia
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Author: Ebba KORSA
Institution: Make Your Mark International
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Author: Fozia IBRAHİM (Primary Author)
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Author: Kifle Woldemichael HAJİTO
Institution: Jimma University
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Publication Date : May 10, 2021

APA Korsa, E , Ibrahim, F , Hajito, K . (2021). Effects of Short Birth Interval on Birth Outcomes among Term Pregnant Mothers in Labor . Journal of Health Systems and Policies , 3 (1) , 55-74 . DOI: 10.52675/jhesp.869997