Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

JHESP pursues the principles and standards of the publication ethics determined by COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) and ICMJE (International Committee of Medical Journal Editors). 

Editors, reviewers, and authors are expected to adhere to internationally accepted criteria for scientific publishing.

Submitting authors are reminded that the consent of all co-authors must be obtained prior to the submission of manuscripts. If an author is removed after submission, the submitting author must have the removed author's consent to the change by e-mail or faxed letter to the assigned Editor.

Plagiarism. Manuscripts must be original with respect to concept, content, and writing. It is not appropriate for an author to reuse wording from other publications, including one's own previous publications, whether or not that publication is cited. Suspected plagiarism should be reported immediately to the editorial office. The report should specifically indicate the plagiarized material within the manuscripts. JHESP uses iThenticate or Turnitin software to screen submitted manuscripts for similarity to published material. Note that your manuscript may be screened during the submission process.

Use of Human or Animal Subjects. For research involving biological samples obtained from animals or human subjects, editors reserve the right to request additional information from authors. Studies submitted for publication approval must present evidence that the described experimental activities have undergone local institutional review assessing the safety and humane usage of study subject animals. In the case of human subjects, authors must also provide a statement that study samples were obtained through the informed consent of the donors, or in lieu of that evidence, by the authority of the institutional board that licensed the use of such material. The authors are requested to declare the identification or case number of institution approval as well as the name of the licensing committee in a statement placed in the section describing the studies’ Material and Methods.