e-ISSN: 2149-9519
Founded: 2015
Publisher: Sedat BOSTAN
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Journal of International Health Sciences and Management (JIHSAM) is a scientific journal published in the field of Health Services and Health Care Management. The journal publishes articles in accordance with international scientific criteria by conducting article reviews with the method of a double-blind referee. The publication language is English, as it adopts the publication of the findings of scientific studies to the international scientific world as a publication policy.

This journal is indexed in EBSCO Essentials, Scientific Indexing Services (SIS), Google Scholar, SOBIAD, and, Türkiye Atıf Dizini.

The journal, published since 2015, is published twice a year, excluding special issues. The journal includes field studies, reviews, and good practice examples in the field of health management. Journal of International Health Sciences and Management (JIHSAM) is published with the scientific contributions of the International Strategic Health Research Center (ISHRC).

2024 - Volume: 10 Issue: 19