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Prof. Dr. Mahmut AKYİĞİT
JournalJournal of Mathematical Sciences and Modelling

The archiving policy of the journal covers the following issues:

  • The journal allows article authors to archive their own articles on the author's personal website or corporate pages and/or to use the final published version of the article for archiving in an institutional repository after publication.
  • Authors are permitted to self-archive their articles in public and/or commercial subject-based archives.
  • There is no embargo period for authors, but the published source should be cited, and a link should be given to the URL of the article in the journal or to the DOI of the article.
  • Authors can download the article as a PDF document. Authors can send copies of the article to their colleagues without any embargo.
  • Articles published in the journal are also archived on the journal website and DergiPark.

Long-Term Preservation Policy: In case the journal is no longer published, you can access the journal content from LOCKSS.

Version Published in the Journal

Publication Type: 
Open Access
Sherpa Romeo:
Embargo Period: 
There is no embargo period.
Open Access License: 
CC BY-NC 4.0
Copyright Holder: 
The author(s) protect the copyright.
Archive Location: 
Journal Website, Author's Personal Website, Public and/or Commercial Subject Based Archives.
Policy Conditions: 
The journal should be cited in accordance with the citation and citation standards. It should be linked to the publisher version with the DOI.

Note: There is no embargo for the first text sent to the journal, and for the text accepted at the end of the referee process. The author can share the article on any platform he/she wants by specifying which version it is.

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