Year 2017, Volume 4 , Issue 3, Pages 675 - 690 2017-06-13

Telon Blue AGLF Adsorption by NiO Based Nanomaterials:Equilibrium, Kinetic And Thermodynamic Approach

Gizem Biçer [1] , Ferda Gonen [2]

In this study, the effects of adsorption parameters such as initial pH, initial dye concentration, temperature and adsorbent dosage on the colour removal from aqueous solution containing Telon Blue AGLF(TB AGLF) textile dye were investigated by NiO based nanomaterials and then the compliance of the equilibrium data with the different isotherm models in the literature was evaluated. In the next step, the adsorption sytem was analyzed in terms of kinetics and thermodynamics. At the end of the study, XRD, SEM and FTIR analysis methods were used for the particle characterization. As a result of the experimental studies, it was detected the successful use of NiO based nanomaterials synthesized by aqueous solution method rarely seen in literature for colour removal. Through this study, it is believed that the additional contributions are provided to the scientific investigations  about  the recovery of the water resources.

NiO nanoparticles, TB AGLF, adsorption, isotherm, kinetic
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Subjects Engineering, Engineering, Chemical
Published Date Summer
Journal Section Articles

Author: Gizem Biçer

Author: Ferda Gonen
Country: Turkey


Application Date : February 10, 2017
Acceptance Date : June 11, 2017
Publication Date : June 13, 2017

Vancouver Biçer G , Gonen F . Telon Blue AGLF Adsorption by NiO Based Nanomaterials:Equilibrium, Kinetic And Thermodynamic Approach. Journal of the Turkish Chemical Society Section A: Chemistry. 2017; 675-690.