Year 2017, Volume 4 , Issue 3, Pages 787 - 810 2017-07-31

Synthesis, Cytotoxicity and Molecular Docking Study of Complexes Containing Thiazole Moiety

Mohammed Shafeeulla [1] , Ganganaik Krishnamurthy [2] , Halehatti S. BHOJYNAİK [3] , Manjuraj T [4]

The ligand 5-methyl-2-phenyl-4-[(E)-1,3-thiazol-2-yldiazenyl]-2,4-dihydro-3H-pyrazol-3-one (Dy) has been synthesized by diazo coupling reactions of 5-methyl-2-phenyl- 2,4-dihydro-3H-pyrazol-3-one with 2-aminothiazole and ferric hydrogen sulfate (FHS), as a catalyst, under solvent-free conditions. A series of complexes of the ligand with Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), and Zn(II) ions are synthesized and structurally characterized by 1H NMR, FTIR, and UV–Visible spectral techniques. The cytotoxic activity of the complexes and the uncoordinated ligand against human breast cancer (MCF-7) and chronic myelogenous leukemia cell line (human erythroleukemia) (K-562) cell lines exhibits good viability in the range of 50.16–55.16% at a concentration of >100-110 µg/mL as compared to the inhibition in the untreated cells. Further, the metal complexes and ligand were screened against antibacterial strains of S. typhi, S. aureus, and E. coli. Both the cytotoxicity and antioxidant studies are correlated with computational docking analysis and powder XRD studies reviles that all complexes are in crystalline nature.

azo dye, solvent-free synthesis, ferric hydrogen sulfate, powder X-ray diffraction
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Published Date Summer
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Author: Mohammed Shafeeulla
Country: India

Author: Ganganaik Krishnamurthy
Country: India

Author: Halehatti S. BHOJYNAİK
Country: India

Author: Manjuraj T
Country: India


Application Date : April 26, 2017
Acceptance Date : July 20, 2017
Publication Date : July 31, 2017

Vancouver Shafeeulla M , Krishnamurthy G , Bhojynai̇k H , T M . Synthesis, Cytotoxicity and Molecular Docking Study of Complexes Containing Thiazole Moiety. Journal of the Turkish Chemical Society Section A: Chemistry. 2017; 787-810.