Year 2018, Volume 5 , Issue 1, Pages 159 - 178 2017-09-01

Synthesis, Characterisation and DFT Calculations of Azo-Imine Dyes

Sevil ÖZKINALI [1] , Muhammet Serdar ÇAVUŞ [2] , Büşra UMUR SAKİN [3]

In this study, azo dyes containing an imine group were synthesised by coupling p-hydroxybenzylidene aniline with the diazonium salts of p-toluidine, 4-aminophenol, aniline, p-chloroaniline, p-fluoroaniline and p-nitroaniline. The compounds were characterised by melting point, elemental, UV-Vis and IR analyses as well as 1H-NMR and 13C-NMR spectroscopies. Moreover, the experimental data were supplemented with density functional theory (DFT) calculations. The experimental data on FT-IR and UV–Vis spectra of the compounds were compared with theoretical results. The DFT calculations were performed to obtain the ground state geometries of the compounds using the B3LYP hybrid functional level with 6-311++g(2d,2p) basis set. Frontier molecular orbital energies, band gap energies and some chemical reactivity parameters, such as chemical hardness and electronegativity, were calculated and compared with experimental values. A significant correlation was observed between the dipole moment and polarities of the solvents and the absorption wavelength of the compounds. 

Azo-imine, Schiff Bases, DFT
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Subjects Engineering, Engineering, Chemical
Published Date Fall
Journal Section Articles

Author: Sevil ÖZKINALI
Country: Turkey

Author: Muhammet Serdar ÇAVUŞ
Country: Turkey

Author: Büşra UMUR SAKİN
Country: Turkey


Application Date : October 24, 2017
Acceptance Date : November 24, 2017
Publication Date : September 1, 2017

Vancouver ÖZKINALI S , ÇAVUŞ M , UMUR SAKİN B . Synthesis, Characterisation and DFT Calculations of Azo-Imine Dyes. Journal of the Turkish Chemical Society Section A: Chemistry. 2017; 178-159.