e-ISSN: 1309-1247
Founded: 2009
Publisher: Bilal YILDIZ
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2016 - Volume: 8

. Ectrodadactyly

. Role of post-operative radiation therapy in single brain metastasis from clear cell sarcoma in children: a case report with systemic review

. Gastrointestinal trichobezoar causing atypical intussusception in a child: report of two cases

. Incontinentia Pigmenti in a newborn: Case report and review of the literature

. Effect of vitamin D supplementation on growth parameters in children with vitamin D deficiency

Case Report

. Paternally inherited 17q12 microduplication: similar pattern of neurological signs and features in the father and his children

1. Hallervorden spatz syndrome: a case report

3. Inverse Marcus Gunn phenomenon