e-ISSN: 2459-1718
Founded: 2015
Publisher: Istanbul University
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Journal of Transportation and Logistics (JTL) is a new multidisciplinary published official journal of Istanbul University, The School of Transportation and Logistics. Published twice a year in May and November. The aim of the journal is to disseminate the new ideas on the issues and problems faced by transportation and logistics industry which becomes irrevocable for the global economy. JTL provides academicians and practitioners with a dynamic platform to discuss and analyze the new issues for transportation and logistics. It presents an independent, original and elaborated analysis to facilitate the interchange of information about logistics and supply chain management among business planners and researchers on a world-wide basis as well as a platform for new thinking on the problems and techniques of logistics and supply chain management.
Academicians and practitioners are invited to submit articles, research papers, case studies and review articles that progress the science and practice of transportation, logistics and supply chain management. While articles in any area of transportation, logistics or supply chain management are welcomed, the editors are especially interested in those dealing with managerial applications of theory and technique. Articles which provide guidelines for framing, interpreting or implementing the transport and logistics process in the supply chain are of particular interest.

2023 - Volume: 8 Issue: 1



The JTL is being published twice (in April and October of) a year, as an official international peer-reviewed journal of the School of Transportation and Logistics at Istanbul University.