Open Access Policy, Copyrights and CC License

Kırklareli University Journal of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences (KLUJFEAS) is an open-access journal and follows the publication policy of the Budapest Open Access Initiative. In this sense, no fee is charged at any process of the journal. The entire archive of the journal is available online to everyone without any fee. 15645

Kırklareli University Journal of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License88x31.png

The journal's copyright policy is in accordance with the copyright form to be signed by the author (You can find latest file in article upload section.):

Kırklareli University Journal of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences (referred as “journal” from now on) does not impose any restrictions on the rights of the article in the author(s), only with the condition provided that the published article is cited appropriately. All copyrights of the work remains on the author(s), and the journal acquires the rights to publish and use the submitted work.
It is deemed to have accepted that all author(s) of articles/works submitted for publication in the journal all of these: Publishing Ethics, Publishing Principles and Malpractice Statement (, Open Access Policy, Copyrights and CC License (, and Author Guidelines ( with also;
1. Article is prepared with scientific devotion within the framework of academic ethic;
2. The submitted article is the original work of the author(s);
3. Participation of all authors individually (contributing significantly to the content / design of the study, or to collecting, analyzing and interpreting data for the study) and taking all responsibility for this study;
4. That author(s) has prepared the manuscript or made critical reviews of important intellectual content;
5. All authors have seen the final version of the manuscript submitted and reviewed and approved it;
6. Be responsible for all aspects of the study in order to ensure that the questions concerning the validity and accuracy of any part of the study are properly investigated and resolved;

7. The article has not been published elsewhere or sent for publication, or all copyrighted permissions have been obtained (In case of papers submitted and not published in any scientific meeting, the name, location and date of the meeting should be provided in acknowledment);
8. The text, figures and documents in the article do not violate other persons’ / works’ copyrighted material, and that the correct references to all other works used in the article are given in the bibliography;
9. Issues related to ethical rules within the scope of "TR Index Journal Evaluation Criteria":

a) "Ethics Committee Approval Certificate" should be provided by the authors and submitted to the journal for studies that require "Ethics Committee Approval" and are listed below.
- All kinds of research conducted with qualitative or quantitative approaches that require the collection of data from the participants using questionnaire, interview, focus group study, observation, experiment, interview techniques,
- Use of humans and animals (including material / data) for experimental or other scientific purposes,
- Clinical trials on humans,
- Research on animals,
- Retrospective studies in accordance with the law on protection of personal data.
b) In addition to these studies, attention should be paid to the issues related to the following studies.
- It should be stated in the studies that "Informed Consent Form" was obtained in case reports,
- Permission was obtained from the owners for the use of scales, questionnaires and photographs belonging to others,
- The copyright regulations were complied with for the ideas and art works used.
c) In studies conducted by researchers outside of universities, authors are required to apply to the Ethics Committees in their region and obtain relevant documents.
d) Retrospective ethics committee approval is not required for articles that have used research data before 2020, produced from master's / doctoral studies (should be specified in the article), submitted a publication to the journal in the previous year, accepted but not yet published.
Within the scope of "TR Index Journal Evaluation Criteria", in accordance with the ethical rules and the explanations made above, author(s) understood what the required permits are, the responsibilities of submitting them to the journal and documenting them in the articles;
9.1. At the end of the article in accordance with the TR Index criterias; "Contribution Rate Statement by Researchers", "Support and Acknowledgment Statement" if exists, and "Conflict Statement" should be included.
10. Kırklareli University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and its accepted indexes are authorized to use all kinds of public broadcasting rights, including printing hardcopies, publishing, distribution and transmission via the Internet, without any limit or restriction and free of charge.
11. The author(s) is the sole responsible party for the entire published article.