Issue: 5

Year: 2021

Research Articles

Book Review


Aim of our journal is creating and collecting dijital archive with academical articles about Kurdish language, literature, history and culture 

Kurdiname publish 2 issues a year in fall and spring.

Kurdish language, literature, history and culture with Kurdish, Turkish, English, Persian, Arabic languages.

We use APA style for articles. Please use these rules below for writing your article:

Paper details

A4 page vertical

Top Margin

2.5 cm

Bottom Margin

2.5 cm

Left Margin

2.5 cm

Right Margin

2.5 cm


Times News Roman

Font Style


Font Size (regular text)


Font Size (footnote text)


Text in table-graphic


Paragraph Indent (First Line)

1 cm

Paragraph Spacing

6 nk first, then 0 nk (before and after 0 nk in tables and charts)

Line gap



Hanging and indentation 0.63 cm, Alignment: Snap to both sides, 6 pt before December, then 0 pt, line spacing 1.15 cm.


In short, the order of the information in the article and the font features:

TITLE IN ARTICLE's LANGUAGE (12 point) (bold)

OTHER LANGUAGES TITLES (12 point) (normal)

Author Name * (12 font size) (bold) (It will be written after the article is accepted and received from the referee. The author should not be at the first loading.)

ABSTRACT (12 point) (bold)

Summary information (10 points) (normal)

Keywords: (10 font size)

ABSTRACT (12 point) (bold)

Abstract text (10 points) (normal)

Keywords: (10 font size)

Introduction and Article Text - (12 pt.) (Just below the abstracts, two lines must come after the space.)

Result (12 point)

Bibliography (12 font size)

The titles will be dark.



To act in a balanced, objective.
To ensure a fair double-blind peer-review of the articles.
To ensure that all the information related to articles is kept confidential before publishing.


To evaluate articles only based on content.
To ensure to review an article in a reasonable time frame.
To notify the Editor-in-Chief if they unable to review article manuscript.
To keep all the information related to articles as confidential.
To present their opinions on the articals in a clear way.
To assist in improving the quality of the published paper.
To report to the Editor-in-Chief in case they detect any kind of plagiarism


To ensure that they have written an original work that has not been published anywhere else.
Any overlapping with previously published works must be cited.
Not to submit a paper simultaneously to more than one publisher at a time.
Any work or words of other authors must be referenced.
To sign a Copyright Transfer Agreement prior to publication


Publishing article in Kurdiname is for free. no payment.
Articles are open-access.
Our journal offers an approach in favour of the authors during the control stage of the articles in order to avoid loss of time and increase scientific production.
Articles submitted to our journal should not have been published anywhere before.
Those who want to submit an article should submit their articles as a member of the Article Tracking System at
Original research articles should not be less than 6 pages and not more than 25 pages. (Except work presentation of books and translation articles)
Editorial board is responsible for whether or not the articles are published.
Articles are checked for plagiarism before being evaluated.
Scientific and legal responsibility of the articles published in our journal belongs to their authors.
All publishing rights of the articles in the journal belong to Kurdiname Journal and cannot be printed, reproduced and transferred to electronic media partially or completely without the permission of the publisher.

Kurdiname Journal is FREE for publishing article for authors.

 We are waiting for your articles for the November (7.) issue.

Kasım (7.) sayısı için makalelerinizi bekliyoruz.

Em ji bo jimara Mijdarê (7.) li hêvîya gotarên we ne.